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Redbird alumni challenge

The Redbird Alumni Challenge is a competition among the LHS classes graduating over the last twenty years.  The winning class will be the one with the largest NUMBER (not dollars) of donations.  The minimum donation is $1.00 and only one donation per person will be counted.  During each year's competition, the chart below will show how your class stacks up against the others.  Click on any bar to get a list of donors from that class.  The Challenge is held every year, beginning on January 1 and ending the Sunday following graduation ceremonies.

The Foundation will donate $50 to the Treasury account of the winning class.  (The account must be held in a bank checking or savings account.)

Good luck and thanks for supporting the Foundation! 

L-P School Foundation Background

The L-P School Foundation uses the money you donate to make grants to our schools.  Some recent grants have purchased two 3-D printers, materials for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) classes, and eReaders and eBooks.  Click here for a complete listing of grants since the year 2001.  The Foundation also raises money with the annual "Senior Project."  Those of you who graduated since the year 2000 may have participated in one of these projects.  Click here for pictures and information about the Senior Projects over the years.

Winning Classes Over the Years

Year Class Number of Donors
2016 Class of 2006 25
2017 Class of 2006 20
2018 Class of 2006 15