About Senior Projects

About Senior Projects

Starting in the year 2000, a group of alumni and interested supporters has worked with the Loudonville High School Seniors on a variety of Senior Projects, each of which had two goals. The first goal was to do something good for the community, and the second goal was to raise money for the benefit of the Loudonville-Perrysville Schools.

The annual Senior Projects have been diverse, starting with a Human Chain in 2000, and including other events like walkathons, dances, fashion shows, and dodgeball tournaments. Giving back to the community is always incorporated into the Senior Project, with the Helping Hand food pantry often benefiting from the fundraising efforts.

The seniors seem to find something new and fun each year, and as long as the community benefits, the adult advisors give the seniors free rein to organize and run the projects as they see fit.

If you have any Senior Project pictures to share, please send us a message by using the link below.

Amounts Raised by Year
Amounts Raised by Senior Project
Year Amount Project Name
2021 $1,101 Cutest Pet Contest
2020 $175 The Masked Singer (cancelled - COVID-19)
2019 $4,490 Senior Night Live
2018 $3,612 Lip Sync Competition
2017 $2,922 Lip Sync Competition
2016 $2,686 Talent Show
2015 $3,393 Othello
2014 $2,198 Tuffy Run
2013 $427 Putt Putt Golf
2012 $1,455 Triple Threat, Cow Patty Bingo & Dodgeball
2011 $1,289 Basketball Benefit
2010 $2,252 Basketball Benefit
2009 $2,311 Dodgeball & Carnival
2008 $1,654 Dodgeball & Cornhole
2007 $4,650 Dodgeball & Cow Patty Bingo
2006 $3,510 Dodgeball & Fashion Show
2005 $4,470 Seniors Working Around Town
2004 $1,279 Walkathon
2003 $1,755 Patriot Games
2002 $2,715 Dancing Through the Decades
2001 $2,863 Give Me Five
2000 $2,650 Link to the Millenium
Total $53,856