Teacher Mini-Grants

Teacher Mini-Grants

The L-P School Foundation approved its first Teacher Mini-Grants in 2017. These grants, in the maximum amount of $500, are offered to teachers within the L-P School District. Grant funds must be used for materials, equipment, or other classroom expenses that are not supported by the school budget.

Grants are awarded on a competitive basis, with applications judged on their ability to make a meaningful impact in the educational process. Grant recipients must provide follow-up reporting, describing the results of the program or project, and accounting for the expenditures of all grant funds.

Details of Teacher Mini-Grants
Year Amount Use of Grant
2020 $500 Crystal Ashby - Feeding Families on a Dime
$350 Alex Bates - Student Atlases
$465 Laura Brown - Shoebox Tasks
$500 Kendra Carnegie - Ohio Career Development Events
$500 Tyler Cates - Classroom Library
$500 Courtney Charlton - Flexible Seating for 2nd Grade Team
$450 Jim Conley - Biology II Fungi Unit
$175 Traci Cooper - Ancient Civilization STEM Projects
$500 Jim Gale - Aerospace (PLTW)
$500 Samantha Hawn - Make Mohican Magnificent
$500 Jacqui Pollard - Classroom Library
$500 Caryn Reisinger - Bringing the Alphabet to Life
$500 Megan Sellers - Classroom Library
$500 Kelly Shetler - StudiesWeekly.com
$196 Angela Spreng - Cymbal Bags for LHS Marching Band
$500 Maggie Thomas - Classroom Reading Unit
$500 Jennifer Vaughan - Seating for Students with Disabilities
2019 $500 Kendra Carnegie - Greenhouse Water Project
$500 Angie Dawson - Vision & Hearing Equipment
$500 Jim Gale - Flight and Space STEM Class
$500 Angie Marotta - Document Cameras (3)
$500 Megan Sellers - Classroom Library
2018 $500 Crystal Ashby - Job Skills Math
$300 Mary Bowers - Expanding My English Curriculum
$375 Marissa Burd - Murder Mystery Classroom Unit
$350 Lindsey Frank - Books for Everyone!
$500 Jim Gale - Flight and Space STEM Class
$500 Melissa Leininger - Sensory Room
2017 $450 Nicole Spencer - Amazing Adaptations
$312 Joan Stoner - Underwater Viewing Devices
$500 Hannah Wildermuth - Sensory Room
Teacher Mini-Grant Total $13,923

Follow this link to see all the grants received by our schools.

Your gift today can help the Foundation provide even more Teacher Mini-Grants in the future.

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